Water Essentials

The human body is made up of 60% water. Water is essential to give your body both physical and cognitive energy, especially during a crisis. Our kit provides multiple water purification methods, carriers, and plenty of water pouches to get your family through the first 72 hours.

Water Pouches by Datrex

Purified Red Cross Standard water with a 5-year shelf life for drinking, cooking, and bathing. 16 pouches (2 Liters) per person.

Miniwell Gravity Water Filtration System

Easy-to-use system which uses 0.1 micron ultra-filtration membrane (no chemicals) to filter 99% of bacteria and parasites from water. Flow rate is 600mL per minute. Includes a portable water filter, waste water reservoir (3000ml), clean water collapsible bottle (1000ml), silicone hose and hose clip, tree strap (1 meter).  Filters up to 2000 Liters. Life can be extended by backwashing the filter with clean water. One system per kit.

Water Purification Tablets

One tablet purifies 1 Liter of water. 10 tablets per person.

Insulated Mug

Stainless steel. One per person.

Collapsible Water Can

Light weight, collapsible water can. Simply fill from any water source when ready to use.

Ready to Prep and Go?