Meal Time Essentials

During a crisis, food is essential to keep you energized and prepared for what is next to come. We have curated the perfect meal preparation kit to provide your family the energy they need while providing comforting, delicious meals for all dietary needs.

Breakfast and Snack Bars by NuGo

Delicious high-calorie organic Snack Bars, filled with fiber to give you long-lasting energy. Each bar is organic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, and Vegan. Each kit contains 6 bars/person.

Hot meals by Backpacker's Pantry

Easy-to-prepare high-calorie meals. Meals can be customized to food sensitivities and preferences. Options include: Risotto with Chicken, Lasagna, Pad Thai, 3 Cheese Mac 'n Cheese, Beans and Rice, Chana Masala, Kathmandu Curry, and Beef Stroganoff. Two servings in each meal pouch. Prep1 and Prep2 contain six meal pouches total; Prep3 and Prep4 contain twelve meal pouches total.

Flameless Meal Cooker by Magic Cook

Lightweight and shelter-safe. One per kit. Includes Flameless Meal Cooker Sachets (11 for Prep1 and Prep2; 22 for Prep3 and Prep4).

Pack Bowl

3 Liter collapsible plastic bowl, for measuring and eating out of. Lightweight and durable enough to hold boiling water. One per person.

Fork & Spoon

Durable and food-safe. One set per person.

Ready to Prep and Go?