During a crisis your family may run into many different situations where you may need a hand. While we may not be able to provide anything and everything you may need, PrepMeKits are packed with lightweight, multiuse tools to cover many basic needs.

Stormproof Matches

Wind-resistant and can re-light when wet. One set of 25 matches in a waterproof container and 2 strikers per kit.

Duct Tape

10 yards. No instructions required - you know what to do! One roll per kit.

Compact Multi-Tool

Includes pliers, scissors, serrated knife, screwdriver, nail file. One per kit.

Trash Bag by Glad

Durable. One 13L bag per person.

Work Gloves by Radnor

Tough and durable. One pair of gloves per person.

Paracord Bracelet with Whistle

Super-strong parachute cord (rated to 500lbs) bracelet with an emergency whistle, compass, and cutting tool. One per kit.

Ready to Prep and Go?