Our Story

In January 1995, the Great Hanshin Earthquake shook western Japan, a short distance from where our founder Karen Berner lived. Measuring a 7.3 on the Richter scale, the quake was responsible for more than 6,000 deaths and left a million homes without water, electricity, or gas.

In the aftermath of this devastation, Karen’s community came together to aid survivors in any way they could. Packing up rice, water, blankets, shoes, and loading them onto bicycles for a long trek over broken roads is a memory that stayed with Karen for 25 years. 

When she moved to another earthquake hotspot, Northern California, to raise her daughters, Karen was overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing her family for another disaster. So she began her journey to learn everything she could about preparedness, and to share that knowledge far and wide. 


Karen’s journey led her to create this company.

At PrepMeKits, we want to ensure that every family has what it needs for those essential first 72 hours after an emergency.

To us, preparation is an act of generosity. When families are self-reliant and safe, this frees up community resources to help others in more dire need. When we are all taken care of, we can move forward and heal as communities, together.

That’s what PrepMeKits is all about.