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Most Comprehensive Emergency Kit
First Smart Emergency Kit, PrepMe+
Dietary restrictive protein bar solutions

Packed for Comfort and Reliability

Most Comprehensive Emergency Kit

World's First Smart Emergency Kit

Dietary Restrictive Meal Solutions


Complete your kit with PrepMe+

Worrying about expiring products is the last thing you need when a disaster strikes. That’s why our team of experts at PrepMeKits created PrepMe+ - an Intelligent Auto-Replenish Program that tracks and ships expiring products right to your door!

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Be prepared so you can solve bigger problems.

No one wants to waste time dwelling on worst-case scenarios. At PrepMeKits, we firmly believe that preparation equals peace of mind!

The most comprehensive emergency kit available. Your PrepMeKit includes food for many dietary restrictions, water with purification solutions, shelter, an extensive first aid kit, essential tools, and emergency resources. PrepMeKits ensures that when emergencies happen, your family is ready to evacuate or shelter in place at a moment's notice. Join the PrepMeKits family and cross that off your to do list!

Ready. Prep. Go!

Get Prepared with PrepMe Kits!

This week is National Public Health Week! How are you going to use up your HSA this year? Why not put some funds toward your preparedness kit? Check with your provider - many include kits as an allowable HSA expense!

Top 6 Items in Your PrepMeKit

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What our Customers Say

As an 11 year scoutmaster and having camped in the woods hundreds of times, I find the PrepMeKit to be the most complete emergency kit I have seen on the market.

Dennis M.

So much research and work has been invested in choosing the best products for these kits. The burden of worrying about what to have on hand in an emergency is lifted. It gives me a strong sense of security to know that myself and my family will have the Prep Me Kits if we need them.

Cindy B.

Living with the threat of wildfires these days got me more serious about updating my 20 year old earthquake kit that was gathering dust in my shed. As someone with dietary issues, I found out that the military food bars in my earthquake kit were all gluten and sugar! I would have been ill for days or weeks if I’d eaten those. With Karen's kit every component has been researched for price and quality so all that legwork has been done. Now I feel so ready and prepared for anything.

Ellyn Dooley

The PrepMeKit provides all the necessities that I need to survive a disaster and gives me great peace of mind.

Stephanie G.